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Who's Who

Latest Inductee News: A ceremony honoring the latest inductee from our class, Harvey Poppel, was held at the annual Spring Brunch on May 2, 2010 in the school library.Click here for Harvey's bio on Mepham Alumni Association web site..

Photo Left:
Who's Who
awardees, Gerald Weisenseel and Harvey Poppel; Ye Olde Pirate; and Alumni Meritorious Winners, Mikki Hannan Wilbert and Vince Proto.Photo by Frank Setteducati

Left: Who's Who plaque in the Mepham Rotunda.

The following 1954 graduates have been inducted into Mepham's Who's Who. The Board of Education initiated this program in 1964 to recognize and honor graduates who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work and outstanding contributions to the welfare of mankind. Several plaques in the school rotunda honor almost 140 inductees

Lansing Blackshaw — Nuclear Engineering (1966)
Kenneth Fisher — U.S. Air Force Service (1987)
Frank Gobetz — Aeronautical Engineering (1966)
Al Haggerty — Aerospace Engineering (1992)
George Moorse — TV and Film Direction; Writer. (2001)
A ceremony honoring posthumously George was held at the Hofstra University Club on April 29, 2001. For info about George, click here.
Harvey Poppel — Information Technology (2010)